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Remove Initial Term and Renew Term fields when creating evergreen quotes with Z-Force

Feature Request: Currently, when users create Evergreen quotes, they need to enter Initial Term and Renew Term as these fields are mandator. These fields should be optional or removed when creating Evergreen quotes.

Status: Under evaluation

Reference Number: DE8419

Business Need: This can be confusing to users and users have to do extra, unnecessary steps.

Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

Agreed! This causes so many issues. Especiall when dealing with 40-50 reps and constant new hires. 

Zuora Alumni

What version of Quotes are you on?  In latest Quotes these fields are hidden for Evergreen Subscription.  See here: http://cl.ly/1u2F1Y1C170b


Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Implemented