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Quotes shouldn't make duplicate contacts, in line with Zuora UI

When making a new subscription and account with a Quote in salesforce - if the bill to and sold to are the same it still creates 2 duplicate contacts on the account - as the bill to and sold to.


c/w Zuora UI where if you have the same person it only makes 1 contact and makes that the bill to and sold to.


Could quotes do the same thing please?

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Savvy Scholar

I agree, this is possible when importing records the first time, but when a quote is submitted to Zuora with the same contact, it duplicates the contact in Zuora, which is unnecesary.

The Zuora quote submission should reference the field 'soldToSameAsBillTo' and if the email is identical, then a single contact is created.

When working with Zuora support on this, they provided me an Enhancement Request COM-13670 to get this addressed in a Future release of Zuora Quote.  You may want to watch that issue to see when this gets delivered.