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Quote "Read-Only after Sent to Z-Billing doesn't apply retroactively?

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Quote "Read-Only after Sent to Z-Billing doesn't apply retroactively?


Looks like "The  Read only after Sent to Z-Billing" setting in the quote configuration setting does not apply to quotes already Sent-to -Z-biling. This only applies to Quotes after the setting is turned on. Is there anyway the setting can retroactively change the quote layout to Read-only for Quotes that have already been sent to Z-billing. Customers do not want these quotes editable. 




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Spoke to one of the developers and they suggested the below. You just need to switch the record type of the Quote. 


I believe the setting just causes quotes to switch to the Read-Only record type upon send to z-billing.

So if you wanted it retroactive, you’d could select Quotes where Record Type is Default and status is Sent to ZBilling, and set Record Type to Default Read-Only

then repeat for Amendment Read-Only, Renewal Read-Only, etc.

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