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Quote Details - Sub Total and Total metrics not including Credit Memos

Customer has a use case where they lower the price on a subscription to "save" a customer.  Let's say the lower the price of a subscription from $120 to $84 for a year's subscription in month 3.  Zuora credits $90 (9 months at $10/ month) and charges $63 (9 months at $7/month).  But if you do this operation in Zuora CPQ the details page showing the quote metrics will show one of 2 things depending on the "Invoice/Credit Memo generation" rule in Zuora.  If the rule is set to generate credit memos for all negative charges, the Zuora CPQ total on the quote will say $63, the amount of the charges with no inclusion of the $90 credit.  If the rule is set to generate credit memos for net negative invoice totals then Zuora CPQ shows a total of $0 again no inclusion of the credits.  I would like the total to show -$27 ($63 - $90).  This is what an order preview in Zuora shows and reflects what the customer will be credited as a result of this Quote/Order. 


Related to support ticket: 182071