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Provide a method to validate the current Zuora configuration in Salesforce

Idea is to provide a validation method that would analyze the current configuration in Salesforce and look for discrepencies.

The discrepencies could be missing information, missing Apex, invalid fields in field sets or missing fields, etc.. You guys probably know more things that users can mess up.


Business case is to save your support staff from complicated bugs that turn out to be simple things that the developer could fix if a validation method showed them what was wrong. This would also save developers time and increase confidence in using the Zuora platform.


Personally I know we have caused bugs by adding a field to a field set that Zuora could not query, removing fields from field sets that we didn't use but were required, partially turning off a feature, wsdl version different from api url etc.


I have also had issues where I have removed or changed classes that were registered as components in the ZConfig page.

Salesforce doesn't allow you to delete code that is referenced in Salesforce but allows deletion of components registered in Zuora because the ZConfig is data and not metadata that Salesforce can access.


I'm sure other devs and your support personel can give other examples.