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Re: Populate features on products that are Original

Populate features on products that are Original

For a Renewal Quote, the object "Quote Product Feature" does not contain any values for Quote Rate Plans that have the field zqu__AmendmentType__c = Renewal.  Because there are no changes it doesn't list the features already assiciated with that product.  When a Quote PDF is generated, the feature table is empty for that product.  


It would be better if the object Quote Product Feature contained the existing features.  Then the QuoteFeatures table would display features for new products, updated products, and renewal products (original).

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Zuora Alumni

This is actually a problem tied not just to Features but in general the charges related to a Renewal as well.


Because in core Zuora a Renewal is an amendment type that versions the Subscritpion, this design principle carried over into Quoting (where all you need is to represent the Renewal Amendment, not the existing Products/Charges on a Subscription).


Features carries on this thinking, where a Renewal would not copy in anything that doesn't change, only the things that change.