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Please add Quote Charge Tiers to the rules engine.

Please add Quote Charge Tiers to the rules engine.

My company has a seats based SAAS model and we sell minimum seats and then add a per unit above that minimum.  To accomplish this, we use two tiers on each product. The Rules Engine only allows rules down to the Quote Rate Plan Charge Level, one level above where our company operates.  Could you please include the ability to use Quote Charge Tiers in the engine?



Zuora Alumni

What would be the use cases youd want to do to manipulate tiers? We've discussed this internally and Tier manipulation is a very tricky business.  Adding or removing tiers for example causes all kinds of tier reprecussions you have to cater for.  At the very least we could see updating the Tier price to be OOTB, but adding and removing tiers we might leave to code.


I'd look into the Custom Action Plugin on the Rule and see if it can do your use case for Tiers, but it does require coding.

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We could use this as we have an issue where we want to prevent the end-user from editing the tiers (Adding or removing rows) and waiting for COM-13086 to resolve this issue in the Salesforce security model.  Having the rules engine look at the Quote Charge Tier would allow us to add a message as a workaround.  We do prefer to have the initial solution, but at this time we are looking for anyway to close this gap.