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Opportunity Amount Field locked once quote created

Opportunity Amount Field locked once quote created

There are a few settings that we are currently using to push the TCV to the opportunity:

  • Update Opportunity Amount with Quote TCV
  • Quote TCV Rollup Setting is set to 'Use TCV from Primary Quote only'

These both work perfectly in our operations, but we started to notice that some of our opportunity amounts were not matching with the TCV from the primary quote.  After some investigation it was discovered that some of our end-users were updating the opportunity amount field after they have added a primary quote.

Once they entered the amount field manually, the quote TCV was no longer rolling up to the opportunity amount field, causing us some data discrepancies.


My suggestion to help prevent this data variation, is to lock the amount field from all edits, once a quote has been added and is rolling up the quote TCV to the opportunity amount field.


When using the Salesforce opportunity product structure, they do exactly that and lock the amount field once a product is added.


Can this be looked at? We cannot find a way to prevent these edits and have support ticket #163341 to show the details and discussions with support team.

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Savvy Scholar

+1 - We're coming from using Salesforce CPQ and this was a feature we had that we're sorely missing now.