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Notification when Zuora 360 "gives up", control over retries, methods to trigger retry manually.

If Zuora 360 sync fails for a particular object, Zuora will retry some fixed number of times, then "give up" and stop trying to sync that object.


There is no notification when Zuora decides that an object will not be retried again.  The logs appear the same, whether the issue was corrected or "given up".


There is no control over how many times to retry before "giving up".


Once an object has been "given up", it can only be reprocessed by doing a manual sync, or making some change to the object (it appears that editing and saving the object without making any actual change doesn't cause it to be attempted again).

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We've tried to at least document some of the rety rules here: 

But agreed this is something we are working on for our new sync infrastructure.  Id like to give customers control over retries and decide when and how to retry.