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Re: Multi-year Contracts on Quotes

Multi-year Contracts on Quotes

We have many deals that have fluctuating pricing throughout a contract term of three years. Unfortnately the first year needs to be pushed into Zuora from Salesforce and then manipulated from there via mutiple amendments. It would be great if we were able to construct the entire three year contract on the quote and provide it to the customer and reflect the different pricing per year.

Zuora Support

Greeting heltonb - Currently, you can use our Uplift feature to set product rate plan charges whose price changes automatically upon subscription renewal.


On our road maps, our Billing Team is working on a Ramp Deals charge model that allows user to set up charges with different prices at the beginning without creating amendments later.  Please ensure that you subscribe to our Zuora Announcements forum for the latest news on our new features.

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Hi @heltonb 


We have a select few customers now trialing Orders as part of our early adopter program.  This also includes the ability to do Ramp Deals for New Quotes and (soon) Amendment and Renewal Quotes.


We are looking to invite the next wave of early adopters to give us feedback and am hoping some on this thread might be willing.  


There are some caveats to the program so please get in touch with me or post in this thread and I will get in touch with you.  The ideal customer profile is relatively smaller B2B, less customization in Zuora Quotes, no or very little self-serve channel.  I can give more details if you are interested.



Zuora Alumni
Zuora Alumni

Depends on how you model the 2 free months.  If you can explain how then we can say if Orders helps or not.

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Is there a timeline for when Ramped deals will be released as a feature to those not on Orders as part of the pilot program?

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Unfortunately not, Orders will be the prequisite to have Ramp Deals functionality in Quotes.