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Make quotes package compatible with Salesforce Lightning

Make quotes package compatible with Salesforce Lightning

Recently Salesforce.com designed a brand new user-interface called Lightning. Lightning is free of charge for all Enterprise customers, and represents a very big step in the right direction for Salesforce user experience. Unfortunately this change requires vendors to update their applications in order to take advantage of the new UI.

It would be great to make the quotes package to be compatible with these feature to be able to use the new UI.

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Zuora Alumni

I'd like to understand more of the use case around the need for Lightning....


Is it:


-I want to use Quotes on an Ipad?

-I want Quotes to look like the rest of Salesforce when I turn Lightning on?

-I want to use it because Salesforce told me it's really cool?


Keen to hear detailed reasons.

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For us, the issue is that our entire Salesforce experience is in Lightning, but quotes is only functional out of the box in classic.


So, an end user can access the quotes section in Salesforce Lightening interface, but must switch back to classic to have a functional quotes interface. It's incredibly disruptive to the workflow to shift between the interface styles. It's not a matter of using it on an iPad or that it's cool – interface changes in the middle of a billing workflow is a high friction event and really unpleasant for the user.


Lightning is a significantly better user experience and Zuora quotes would be much improved (and useable to a Lightning based organization) if is was fully available in that form. 

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When you say "functional quotes interface" can you be specific?  Because the classic interface works in Lightning, to the best of knowledge (i.e. you switch Lightning on, and you can still create a Quote).


It just looks different.  Unless you are saying "well, Quotes classic interface makes me click 5 times whereas in Lightning the same concept takes 1 click".  But that's a different issue.


Basically, I need detail and specifics.


Happy to take this to email as well if you prefer. 

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When we turn on Lightning, there is no obivous way to create a quote. I can see exisitng ones, but no New Quote button.


And email would be great.

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Zuora Alumni

Time to get there!


"Salesforce Lightning innovations in Summer '16, the company's 50th product release, spark a developer renaissance and enable anyone to build and customize cloud, social, mobile and intelligent apps with clicks or code":



Now that lightning has matured with this Summer 16 release it is more important for Zuora to have lightning components for customers to use. All of the new Salesforce release are functionality that is lightning only and won't be available in classic pages.


Until now we did not feel that lightning was mature enough for production, but with this release it is much closer.


One issue I have seen is that the classic pages opened within lightning do not behave the same as previously. Earlier the classic page such as quotes would open in a new browser tab that was all classic; now it opens within lightning which puts it more of a single page app. Code running on the client in pages continues to run even when you switch to a different view such as Opportunity. The polling from my components continues to poll from the background even when quotes is not in front. I will fix this before we move to lightning but I realize there may be other issues with scope that the classic pages may not have accounted for.


It would be good to know if ZQuotes passes a full QA acceptance test when run in Summer 16 Lightning for the current release.

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We just want the button to show and work, don't care if it looks like Lightning interface yet.

Newly Enrolled

We need the buttons to work so that the Lightning interface can be turned on, but don't mind if it doesn't look like the Lightning interface yet. Just as long as the button shows up and works.