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Re: Make quotes package compatible with Salesforce Lightning

Make quotes package compatible with Salesforce Lightning

Recently Salesforce.com designed a brand new user-interface called Lightning. Lightning is free of charge for all Enterprise customers, and represents a very big step in the right direction for Salesforce user experience. Unfortunately this change requires vendors to update their applications in order to take advantage of the new UI.

It would be great to make the quotes package to be compatible with these feature to be able to use the new UI.

Zuora Alumni

Quick update on this, we are going to try and make the Quotes experience "Lightning ready" (which means it is in the Lightning style) by our end of year release.  

Zuora Alumni

Another update, we anticipate to be Lightning Certified as of our Dec 1st Release by Salesforce.  Will update this thread closer to the release date.


Lightning support is out in Quotes 8.0 and so far looks awesome! We are one step closer to being able enable Lightning for our team (still a few fixes to our own customizations of Salesforce)

Kudos to @nathanc and team!

Savvy Scholar

Thanks for the update. Where can I get a 8.0 to test?

Zuora Alumni

This is delivered as of Quotes 8.0.  Request the links from Support.

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Status changed to: Implemented

The look and feel got changed i need editproductselector page looks like classic product selctor page 


I have install latest release of Zuora to enable lightning in that I have replaced Product selector page with new lightning page .My Guided Product Selector is not working as before please help me