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Re: Have some way of ordering charges in the Salesfore product selector UI

Have some way of ordering charges in the Salesfore product selector UI

The order of Rate Plan Charges  on a quote, withing a Rate Plan seems fairly random.  In our catalog setup there are some that require quantities and others that don't. Also to make a nice UX for Sales Reps we need to be able to specify which order these appear it so we can have this consistent across all our products. Currently sometimes the maintainence comes first, other times half way down the page. 



Being able to assign them a number and have the UI sort by that number would be a huge improvement to the usability. 


Or an option to sort by a custom field would also accomplish this.


Great idea. While it is posible to sort items on the Quote PDF that gets generated, the UI is a little bit more random currently. I know the new Orders UI seems to have some better defaults (i.e. recurring charges to the top, and usage below that, etc) Perhaps CPQ could borrow from that.


I do think however it goes that having a way to customize this (i.e. by one or more custom sort fields or by a forumla field would make this suit the most use cases.

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New CPQ UI will definitely have to have sorting.


Quick questions though:


1) Does a product selector sort performed by the user need to be saved to the user profile?


2) The assumption is that the order in which it is saved will output to the PDF, correct?  Which is the main reason to order other than just to reduce visual clutter, right?


3) Does there need to be a "default sort" that the Admin defines at some level upon load, PRPC, PRP or P?


Thanks for the reply - To take the questions in order:

1) No

2) We were mainly wanting to make the UI look better - but of course having the PDF order in the same way would be awesome

3) We we planning only on a default order (or a fixed order) so that it always appears the same way consistantly. But I don't mind if users can change if they want 



@nathanc from our perspective we want it entirely admin controlled with no option for the user to modify sorting. We want to ensure a consistent look on our quotes as well as in the UI for training purposes.


If you do want to let end users sort then I do think this would be useful for many users. You could allow admins to enable this and when it's sorted you would have a new field that has the sort ordering. Then in the output PDF you can just sort by the order field and your PDF will match the UI.


This I think gives a good balance between admin control and flexibility of the platform

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Having the abililty to control the order of the products within the guided selling UI is critical to getting our end-users to adopt the system.  We have a dozen products that we offer within each step, and our primary products are appearing in the bottom half of the list and our less frequently sold items are appearing at the top.

Within each product, if we had a field that allowed us to control the sort order of each of the products, or even have a custom product field that allowed us to add to the guided product selectors that defined the sorting for us.

If an admin does not define the sort order, then it defaults to what it is today, alpha/numeric.


It's been a long time since this post had any comments and just wondering if this is being considered for a future release?