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Our default currency is USD and when we create a rate plan for one of our products that has only GBP/Euro charges, the rate plan is appearing in our guided selling for USD quotes.


How can we suppress these GBP/Euro rate plans from appearing to our teams in the US? They are appearing in the guided selling with a $0 value and we do not want them to appearm, but they are available to select and makes it very confusing!


In our sandbox we have this scenario setup as follows: 
- Product - Shareworks Growth Edition 
- Rate Plan Name#1
- Charges are in GBP/Euro only (But we have to add the USD currency charges when the product catalog is created)


When creating a quote that is in GBP/Euro, the rate plan is appearing as expected, but when we create a quote in USD, this rate plan is appearing and we don't want it to be.


Is there a way that we can have rate plans that do not contain our default currency?


This should be possible using guided selling filters. We do something similar by having a field on each rate plan called "Quotable". This field is a formula that checks various conditions (such as the region or the user issuing the quote -- used for restricted or limited availability products). The formula returns a true or false based on these conditions and the filter in guided selling will completely hide it if Quotable == false


You could use a similar approach where you have the formula check of the USD price for a product is $0 and hide it from view.

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Thanks feisley, we did look at the guided selling filters to resolve this, but we could not find a combination that worked for our scenarios.  We allow our global teams to sell in any currency, so limiting them by a user defined field is too restrictive, plus the rate plans are shared and have the currency within the rate plan charge tier.


Then we looked at the trying to make something work at the Product Rate Plan level, but each rate plan has charges in various currencies, so we can only show/hide based on the currency, which is at the rate plan charge tier level.

If the guided selling filters allowed us to use the rate plan charge or rate plan charge tier, we may be able to solve this through the filters, but for now, we are stuck in displaying these $0 rate plans to our teams.