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Functionality to pull delta quantity of numbers in Zuora For Salesforce

Functionality to pull delta quantity of numbers in Zuora For Salesforce

Functionality to pull delta quantity of numbers in Zuora For Salesforce is needed.

For example, in case of increase in each quote like below,  it is needed to pile up +100, +20, and, +30
to make cumulative numbers 150 in total in salesforce Report/Dashboard, using a correct data field in Zuora for Salesforce.


                                 Delta Quantity          Total Quantity 
New Subscription     +100Lic                       100Lic 
Amendment              +20Lic                         120Lic 
Renewal                     +30LIc                        150Lic 
Cumulative                +150Lic


I am now referring the field called "Quantity" under the object "Quote Charge Summaries".
Which shows correct delta quantity of numbers only for "New Subscription" and for "Amendment" ( +100 and +20 above).
However, Renewal shows only cumulative numbers (150 above) and no fields to see delta quantity, which is +30 in this example.

Please consider to add functionality to shows delta quantity in "Renewal" like "New subscription" and "Amendment".

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In this example though, the Renewal is adding 30 Licenses, so isnt that strictly speaking an Update Product Amendment?


A Renewal by itself (in theory) should show the current Quantity in that field, since a Renewal in Zuora terms is distinct from an action to Update Products.

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I mean Renewal Quotes in Zuora For Salesforce. We want to use delta quantity value as part of SFA metrics. We are using salesforce report/dashboard to manage sales team seeing which opportunity/quote contributes how much delta MRR, delta TCV,,,(As same as every SaaS company is doing I guess). And trying to add delta quantity in the dashboard metrics.


I assume you pointed out how renewal quotes are broken down as amendments in Zuora after "Sent to Zuora" though, my issue came up from the world before "send to Zuora".

Hope this helps to understand my situation.

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Yes I understand what you are saying.


I guess I am pointing this out because the Renewal is actually showing the correct quantity as it understands it.  Which is 150 at the time of the Renewal Action so to speak.


Having said this, this is not ideal.   We need to separate out each Action/Amendment in QCS to show the impact of each, that would give you your delta quantity that you want.


As part of the Zuora Orders integration, we are planning to separate out each Action/Amendment to its own record in QCS.  Thus you would see one line for Update, and another line for Renewal, which would give you the delta you need.


We anticipate these changes to come in the May Zuora Quotes release.   Hope that makes sense.

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Hi all,


We are now trialing Orders with some early adopter customers and are looking for more candidates for our next wave.


Orders includes the ability to support more amendments (much more than 10 or 30) and better metrics (metrics for each order action) being surfaced in Quotes.


The ideal profile customer is smaller B2B, little or no self serve channel, little or no customization in Zuora Quotes.  


If any on this thread are interested please get in touch with me or post in this thread and I will get in touch with you to see if you'd be a good fit.  We are looking for feedback!

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Hi Nathan, 


Can you confirm that the ability to report on 'Delta Qty' for the Quote Charge Summary object is included in this Orders release?



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Hi @kcavanaugh Delta Qty from Core Zuora is not one of the fields we bring in, we bring in the other delta fields though:https://cl.ly/1o2R1l0F0L2x, because we have our own locally calculated Quantity field in Quote Charge Summary.  This is meant to represent the delta value.  We thought it would be too confusing to have two delta quantity fields, one coming from Core and one coming from Salesforce in QCS.  


Is there a reason you cannot use the Quantity field in the QCS object as a delta quantity field?