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Re: Ensure Special Notes and Terms (1000 chars) and Subscription Notes (500 chars) have the same len

Ensure Special Notes and Terms (1000 chars) and Subscription Notes (500 chars) have the same length

The quote Special Notes and Terms (1000 chars) but is forcibly mapped to Subscription Notes (500 chars) when creating a subscription. This means the user can enter 1000 characters only to get an error that it must be 500 characters. This is very bad UX.

Since you develop both systems, please ensure fields that are forcibly mapped are the same length in both systems.

Ideally make both fields MUCH bigger as even 1000 characters isn't really enough.


Great suggestion. I agree it sometimes feels like Zuora CPQ and Zuora are two different separate products. This is absolutely needed for an integrated sales cycle.

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Special Notes And Terms field is actually not mapped to any field / object in Zuora. It's a field that was added to the quote as a place to capture additional information during the Sales cycle. Almost a scratch pad for the Sales user.


Customer have built custom solutions where they do an update to Zuora's Subscription Notes field with the data from the Special Notes and Terms, discussed in this thread.


What kind of data is being captured in the Special Notes and Terms field that need to be carried over into Zuora and shared with the billing users? Is it around the subscription terms or payment terms? Just looking to see if there is a better way this can be modeled opposed to free form notes field.



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Hi Shawn - thanks for replying. We don't need to carry the data over from the quote to Zuora Billing. However I raised a ticket and was told it wasn't possible to unmap the two fields (ticket #272569). If that's not true then we'd definitely like to know how.


From the ticket:

>> Presumably we can unmap that field if we don't need the notes to be transferred from the quote to the subscription object?

Unfortunately, you cannot un map a managed package field and the value will be sent if you try sending it to Zuora to the corresponding field in Zuora

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I just did a test locally in my own org to see if the managed package is sending the Special Notes and Terms field on your version of the managed package  (9.26.1) only when Orders is enabled.


If the goal is to not send the Special Notes and Terms field from Salesforce to Zuora, a new field could be created in Salesforce to capture the notes and don't use the managed package field zqu__Terms__c. The new custom field can be any size and does not have to be configured to be sent to Zuora.


I did raise this with our engineering team for investigation on a longer term fix.

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Thanks for the update.

I will add a task to our own backlog to use a custom field as suggested. It would be preferable however if customisation was not required to work around these types of problem.