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Display Currency in Metric Values

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Display Currency in Metric Values

We have Multiple currencies enabled USD and CAD.  I've noticed that in the Quote Field sets, zqu__Quote_Detail_Metrics and zqu__Amend_Quote_Detail_Metrics doesn't allow the currency field zqu__Currency__c to be added.  I get that the Currency is an Account level setting, so that's probably why Zuora doesn't allow the field to be added to the metric field sets.


That being the case, it would be great if the currency would then display as a qualifier on each "amount" value.  But again, these fields, like zqu__Previewed_SubTotal__c are Number fields instead of currency fields.


There just needs to be some sort of solution to visually see the currency of the amount fields on the quote like Salesforce does.  you can see the example of what I'm refering to inthe screen shot below, for the field "Annualized Value".  I can only imagine that it gets confusing after awhile with multiple currencies.


Quote Metric Display Currency.JPG