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Customize Error Messages - Add end-user friendly error messages

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Customize Error Messages - Add end-user friendly error messages

When creating a quote, there are times when we encounter an error and we want to be able to provide an end-user friendly error message instead of what is presented today.


Example 1:
- Error that appears 'Wrong pick list value: 999 for field Entity_No__c.' which we know is due to a custom Account field called 'Entity No' not being set when the quote attempts to generate the TCV/ARR.


Example 2:
- Error that appears 'The Zuora GetTax call to Avalara returned the following error(s): An Address is incomplete or invalid. '
- We know that this is due to the Bill to / Sold to contacts address not being fully populated, this appears when the quote tries to return the TCV/ARR values.


We have learned through support that these messages cannot be customized as they are hard coded, but we wish that we could add a more user friendly error message so the end-user does not have to contact our internal teams to ask why they are getting this message.


Can we have a way to customize more of the error messages?