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Create prorated merge fields for Salesforce quotes

Create prorated merge fields for Salesforce quotes

There is no merge fields that would allow us to provide our customers with prorated quotes (by line item, not at the grand total level) for upgrades that happen in the middle of a billing cycle or for new signups for our products that all bill on a common anniversary date.

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Did you find a solution for this? We are running into the same problem where it shows the full amount on the product line item, but the subtotal shows the correct prorated amount.


We are using the example amendment quote template that was provided by zuora. On the line item it uses  <<ChargeSummary.TotalPrice>> and it shows the full amount of $480

<<Quote.Previewed_SubTotal>> shows the correct prorated amount of $465.57


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This is coming, in Quotes 7.1 I want to enhanced the Quote Charge Details object.  This object gives you per charge, MRR and TCV and deltas, today.


In the 7.1 Release I will enhance it with Total/Sub Total, Discount, Tax, basically the same fields at the Header, and try and expose it for PDF generation.


Any other questions let me know. 

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@nathanc wondered what the current status of this is. We currently are using the TCV on quotes for proration charges, however, it's still not coming out the same as the line item totals on the invoice that results (its close, but in finance thats not usually good enough ;-) )



Quote using Previewed TCV:

Proration: 32,745.14

Proration Credit: -16,895.38

Total if manually summed: 15,849.76


Quote using legacy TCV:

Proration: $32,745.12

Proration Credit: -16,373.92

Total if manually summed: $16,371.21



Proration: 32,735.42

Proration Credit: -16,369.06

Total: 16,366.36


As you can see the previewed TCV which comes from Zuora is way off and while the legacy TCV is much closer, its not spot on. Its also worth noting that TCV doesnt always get calculated (i.e. for one-time charges) so we have to do some logic in the quote PDF to determine which total to be shown. Ideally there is a charge summary "line item total" or similar merge field that we can trust will match the preview/invoice.

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Quote Charge Details is there with the various Line Item Totals.  In 7.3 we will add these fields to the QRPC And QCS objects so you can use them on the PDF.  Thats scheduled for July 27th at this stage.


@nathanc thanks for the update. That sounds awesome and our Sales team will be delighted that they no longer have to explain why the line items on prorated quotes may be "slightly different" than the invoice.


Counting down the days to July 27th Smiley Happy

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Jus to be clear theres two concepts:


TCV which is a booking metric


ToBeBilledTotals which is a billing metric


Dont expect TCV to align with ToBeBilledTotals.


But from 7.3 All Charge level details, whether TCV or ToBeBilledTotals will correlate from Charge to Header level.


But dont try and compare a Booking with a Billing metric.


@nathanc totally understood. We were using TCV as a close approximation for proration but as you mentioned its not intended to be a precise billing figure.


Looking forward to the billing totals being included so we can make our proration quotes rock solid to the customer.

I'm just wondering whether these features have been officially released. If so, are these new fields we can use on the Quote pdf? Thanks.








(By the way, the document on the website has this typo above; these are from