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Re: Clone amendment and renewal quotes

Clone amendment and renewal quotes

I expect the clone quote button on a renewal or amendment quote to also clone the product changes to the quote (currently it doesn't do that making the name of the button incorrect).


It's a really common use-case for us to provide 1 and 3 yr quote options and having to re-produce any changes to the quote each time is unecessary work.

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Zuora - any update on this? The lack of any "copy quote" functionality seems really odd. It's really common for our reps to make some changes to a renewal quote but then have to offer both a 12 and 36-month quote. In this case they have to apply the changes to both quotes.

Direct quote from a rep:

‘Our wasted time does not come from the cloning process (although on slow internet, it’s not ideal), our wasted time comes from recreating elements we have changed on the initial quote. Maybe we’ve removed/added reseller discount. Modified the renewal/added new license. None of these changes pull through to the new quote and as such we have to redo them anyway’