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Calculate Delta TCV on Quote's Term End Date in Amendment Quote

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Calculate Delta TCV on Quote's Term End Date in Amendment Quote

Scenario:  Account currently has a subscription that is Evergreen.  Upgrade to a new product tier along with a move into a termed subscription is being proposed.  


Quote created that sets the Initial Term to 12 months, and old tier product removed and new tier product added.  Delta TCV shows as $0.00, Delta MRR has a value of $1235.00.  


Zuora support indicates that the Delta TCV is $0.00 because the original subscription does not have a term end date since it is Evergreen so no calculation can be made for the Delta TCV.  


My understanding of a Delta TCV is that is should show the difference between the original subscription and the quoted subscription changes.  If the current subscription is Evergreen, and the Quote results in the subscription being Termed, why wouldn't the Quote Metrics calculation take this new term into consideration.  Additionally not including the discounts that are recurring in the Delta MRR and Delta TCV is also misleading and should be part of this calculation as well.


My sales team are paid on the Delta TCV when amending/renewing a subscription.  To have the Delta TCV to remain at $0.00 requires that someone else now has to do the work of what the computer should be doing by manually calculating the Delta TCV value.  


Has anybody else had issue with the Quote Metrics and the calculations that are being done.