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Bring back QuoteDetail with productselector in the same window VF Option

Bring back QuoteDetail with productselector in the same window VF Option

We are upgrading to 8.0 from 6.61 and we want to keep our interface looking the same to users.  At 8.0, it split our QuoteDetail (Now quote detial and product selector) into two seperate pieces. If I add two, it uses extra real estate on the page and requires the ProductSelector to be very large to see many at once.


I tried the UnifedQuoteDetail visualforce page and the inferface is different.  Our biggest issue is that we can lock the Quote Charge Tier List Price field for the historic productselector by making the field read-only in Salesforce but the newer version on the UnifiedProductSelector ignores that field level security.  We can't update to 8.0 because drives a hole through our margin control system.


If you could restore the ability to use the previous "QuoteDetail" VF even if it is under a new name?

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We need to look into making the new PS respect FLS on the new Quote Detail page.


Ironically, some customers want that to be editable so that a rep doesnt have to go back through the Product Add process in Guided Selling!

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Hi Nathan! 


We don't mind that it is editable within the quote page. That is a major bonus for us and our users.  It is mostly the FLS that we want to be able to control.  We currently have a lot of problems with reps being able to adjust the list price, the discount and the effective price because it makes it difficult for us to track discounts.  If they are able to edit the list price, they can give discounts by dropping the list price rather than adjusting the discount field which is more trackable.  We plan on having some back end code that adjusts the list price based on the EndingUnit__c field.  This way we can make sure the correct values go into Zbilling, our templates and still allow for a single discount % for approval processes to reference.


I.E the concern is a user making a 10$ list price be 6.50$ with a 0% discount instead of a 10$ with a 35% discount.


Thanks for taking a look at this. It is my first experience with the Zuora Community and it has been good.

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Got it. Ive logged this, we should respect FLS.