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Re: Be able to change the default # products displayed per page

Be able to change the default # products displayed per page

The default number of products displayed per page is 10 - our sales reps would like to see a larger number of products. Currently, they can see up to 100 which is great but they have to select this every time. We want to be able to choose 100 as the default number. Please allow this to be a configurable setting.

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This needs to be fixed, we are in huge need of this. It is just an extra click in a sea of clicks.

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@Dennis_Nilsson1- I agree it would be helpful.  We ended up creating filters to help reduce the number of products per page and that has helped our users.  Give that a shot until this gets rolled out.

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@billdavis can you create filters to show more products per page? It sounds like you want to show less?

I am only showing 10 products per page and would like to show 20 but can't find any settings where I am able to change this?

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@Dennis_Nilsson1- True, filters show more. I cannot find a place to show more, but have a few to show less.

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@billdavis we are talking about List Filter Configuration Settings right?

Can you describe how to create a filter to show more products?

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I don't believe there are filters to show more products, but we filter our product catalog by users, product types and product categories within the 'Guided Product Selector Configuration' pages.

So instead of showing more products, we show fewer products to help the end-user experiece and show them only what they need to see.

If you have a lot of products that are still being displayed, then the 'End User product filters' can be added to help the users see fewer products on the page.

But there is not a setting (as of yet) that allows this setting to 'Remember' what you selected last or for it to default to show more per page.