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Allow Z360 batch size in Salesforce to be less than 200

We have been growing (bringing large amounts of accounts, subscriptions, and other data) into Zuora and Salesforce.


Once we have the subscriptions and accounts in zuora and we are ready to match them up with the salesforce data the initial sync with Zuora is problematic.


For the initial sync there are multiple rollups and triggers that have work to do that causes Apex CPU Account exceptions.

If we could have less than 200 in a SF batch - maybe 25 or 50 we could sync the data and have the data be in a good state once done.


Because we have no control over the salesforce batch size (defaults to 200) we have to disable rollups and triggers then attempt to backfill all of the data after the 360 sync. This can take days to get all of the data correct. 


For normal day to day sync the batch size of 200 does not usually cause problems since most updates do not trigger a data change on the salesforce side.


So if we could avoid the cpu timeouts we could complete a migration in 1 weekend with minimal downtime.