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Allow Tax Region Field to sync from the Zquote

Allow Tax Region Field to sync from the Zquote

Since this field defines the vat calculation that appears on the invoice it should be a standard Zuora Quote package field in the Zquote. That way, when sending quote to z-billing,  it will sync to the Zuora Sold to contact before the subscription and invoice is created. 

That way the invoice will be created with the correct tax code


Zuora Alumni

So the challenge here is that I believe this is a field that rests on the Sold To Contact in Zuora correct?  So ideally we should be populating the field from a corresponding field on a Salesforce Contact.


However, we typically try and avoid touching the core Salesforce objects like Contacts, although this would make the most sense.


Alternatively we could provide a field on the Quote, but then we aren't really representing the relationship correctly, but then it would be up to the customer to populate the Tax Region on the Quote from the correct Contact relationship.


Love to hear thoughts on this.


Hi Nathan 


Having a tax region field on the quote that is part of the Zuora out of the box integration would be good enough since the correct tax region can be populated from a SF formula based on the sold to contact country 

One additional field on the quote this is what we need!