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Allow Electronic Payment Method Setting on the Quote

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Allow Electronic Payment Method Setting on the Quote

In Salesforce for the Zuora Config > Quote Configuration Settings > Electronic Payment Method Processing Options > Electronic Payment Method Setting, there are 3 options that are global settings for Quotes.

1. Set default, auto-pay

2. Set default, no auto-pay

3. Do not set default, no auto-pay, process payment only


We would like to have this option at the quote level.  Yes, it would be great if all customers wanted to be set to Auto-Pay, but some don't.


Currently we would probably error on the side of selecting "Set default, no auto-pay", then allow the SFDC user to send to Z-billing with the Process Payment setting set to TRUE.  Then there would need to be some sort of communication to the Accounting department to update customers to Auto Pay after the fact. Not really a great workflow.


If there is a way to have this option available per quote, please let me know. Regardless of how it's implmeneted, I'd like to know of any options available.  Would a Plug-in help?