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Allow API Only logins for Z-Force 360 connection

Feature Request: We allow Zuora's API Only login for Z-Force Quotes connection.  However, when we create an Organization connection with Z-Force 360, it does not allow API Only logins.  We should allow API Only logins with Z-Force 360.  In Z-Force 360 v2.1, we allow users to view Invoice PDFs without having to log into Zuora by setting up a Z-360 connection.  However, if they are using an API Only login for their Z-Quotes connection, they have to create another one for Z-360 connection.

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE8036

Business Need: Customers have to manage two different logins in their SFDC account if they use API Only login for Z-Force Quotes.

Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Implemented