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Add an option to have a custom field on price book to sync to Zuora's product rate plan

When using the Salesforce CPQ connector, for each pricebook that a product has a price defined, a new product rate plan is created in Zuora, however there is no way to identify which rate plan is for which currency or location or region apart from using the pricebook name. From a web portal perspective that makes it difficult to rknow which price to return based on the customers location. It would be good if we could have a custom field, possibly on the price book, that could sync to the Zuora PRP that could be ued by a web portal to filter the correct rate plans. 

Zuora Staff

Clarification: It is possible to sync custom fields from price books to Zuora PRPs but only the value from 1 price book is pushed to Zuora. If I change a value on another price book it does not get reflected on the PRP.

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So if we supported custom fields on the PBE level being mapped to EITHER the PRP or PRPC (you'd need to use a syntax, something like PRP_ or PRPC_ for us to identify where the field should go) does that solve this use case?