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Add 360 Sync "Management" Settings

Add 360 Sync "Management" Settings

We run into data issues in Salesforce because when we run the 360 sync, it syncs ALL products, rate plans, charges, ever...even if we have deleted them.  It would be extremely helpful and make our Salesforce data much cleaner if there were either global settings in Zuora Commerce that would allow us to check "Don't sync deleted products" (and/or rate plans, charges, etc.) AND/OR be able to manage it on a record-by-record basis.  The latter would also be helpful during the development of new products.  We could mark them as "Do Not Sync" until it is complete.


This caused us the biggest issue when we paid to have our API sandbox rebuilt.  The products didn't get created correctly the first few times so the services team deleted them and recreated them.  Since Zuora maintains deleted records in their DB, those too get synced.  Although the deleted records get marked as such in Salesforce, it creates hundreds of records that we'll never use.  Deleting them from Salesforce is futile because the next sync will re-add them.

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This is something we would like to build into our sync architecture moving forward, the notion of configurability and having special settings that individual customers can tweak to prevent the synch of certian records.