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Re: Ability to suppress zero charge line item in Quote PDF

Ability to suppress zero charge line item in Quote PDF

Issue: Customer's products have complex pricing models. They had to build options into the products to enable the proper pricing matrix based on term and UOM. There are options to these products that are not always "activated" when a product is priced. When these options are not activated they currently still show up on the quote with a zero quantity and a zero price which is confusing to their prospects and a stumbling block for their sales team. Although their product pricing is complex the product selection and final pricing on the quote should look very simple to our prospects... this currently is not the case.


In Z-Billing, we have feature to suppress zero value invoice line items and you can see it when you go to Settings > Z-Billing Settings > Manage Invoice Rules and Templates and click edit on the invoice template to see the check box for 'Do not display zero value invoice line items'. This is the feature I am thinking to incorporate in Z-Quote. I also logged an enhancement request DE7807 and its currently being review by our Product Management.

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This is huge for us. Zuora quote template are unusable for us without this feature. 

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There are many workarounds for this in Salesforce including from using third party tools to cusotm apex code, so it is unlikely we would ever address this.

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Just curious... still not possible right? 😕