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Ability to hide discount charge's fields in Salesforce Product Selector for the QuoteRatePlanCharge

Please add the ability to hide the Discount Level and Up To How Many Periods field on the Salesforce Zuora Product Selector for Discount Charges.



Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.30.10 PM.png
Zuora Alumni

I presume you simply dont want them editable.  If you chance the salesforce security settings on those fields at the object level does that achieve what you want?


Tried setting it to RO, didn't work. The same idea applies to "Up to how many periods". hiding these fields or making them uneditable would be ideal. 

Zuora Alumni

Conditional hide display we never typically support.  But we do support respecting the Salesforce Security settings.  If you've set that properly and we still dont respect it then we need to understand why.  Have you logged a ticket for this?

Zuora Alumni

We have a JIRA to track it not respecting security settings: COM-12615

New Student

@nathanc@Jeffrey: I have the same requirement, and I am also finding that the read only settings are not bieng respected. Do you have an update on your issue at this time? 

Zuora Alumni

Should be fixed in Quotes 9.1 releasing in December.