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Re: Ability to have an add amendment before renewal on one quote

Ability to have an add amendment before renewal on one quote

When we make a renewal quote and add an additional product - that product is only added from the date that the renewal takes effect.  As customers often renew a couple months in advance, it would nice to add the additional product to start from now, and then be renewed for a futher 12 months with the rest. 


We also run into this scenario.  It's probably not often because the solution is cumberson.  Create an Amend Quote for the addtional products at the earlier date and process.  Then create a renewal quote for the updated subscription and process.


I agree, it would be nice to have the ability to set the effective date of each charge individually instead of the Quote.StateDate used for all.


Would the new order functionality be able to handle this case?

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You should be able to do this with Orders in the Core Zuora UI (You would create Order->Modify existing Sub-> Add a product as of "today"-> then do a Renew Action, all in the same Order)


In Quotes this wouldn't be possible in one Quote, as you can only do future dated Product Actions with the current UI, not do any mix of any Order Actions like you can in the Core Zuora UI.  But this is great feedback for some of the intiatives being worked on for later in the year.

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This is a BIG issue for us too.   When you say, "...in the Core Zuora UI" you mean that we can do it in Salesforce right?  Not in the Zuora UI as you can't create Orders in the Zuora UI.




Just to clarify @nathanc this wouldn't be to future date the changes, just perform the changes in a different order from the quote (like you can do with the Orders UI) - but yes, being able to do that exact scenario from the Quotes UI would be great.


@kevinspinelli  I think he does mean in Zuora UI and not the Salesforce quotes UI.  If you have Orders enabled in your tenant then you can make orders there (which effectively replace amendments)

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Yes that's in the Zuora UI, you can't do this yet in Quotes because although Quotes supports Orders, the way our UI is designed only lets you do future dated Product Amendments i.e., Ramp Deals.