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Re: Ability to Quote Ramped Deals - Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

Ability to Quote Ramped Deals

We understand that you can't do this today but would like to get an idea of whether or not this is even slated for the future.

Internally you may call this a "ramped deal". Our company refers to this concept as "seasonality."

When a quote for a new customer is being designed, we want the ability to agree on when a large amount of additional licenses can be provisioned during a certain amount of time, and then removed at a certain amount of time. An amendment would not work, as we want to contractually agree on this at the beginning of the sales relationship.



Months 1-9, licenses for subscription X is for 500 users.

From month 10-12, licenses for subscription X double to 1000 users.

Then starting at month 13, licenses ratchet back down to 500 users, and then ramp up again to 1000 users, then back down again.

You currently have a custom solution yourselves for this. Are there any plans to productize this?

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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Our company also has many ramped deals, for example we will have a 3 year contracts and up front we know year 1 = X dollars, year 2 = X dollars, year 3 = X dollars and if set to auto-renew it will renew at X price.  The only way we can set this up currently in Zuora is to push through a quote from Salesforce at year 1 price, and create 3 amendments to amend for year 2, 3 and renewal.  It would be great to be able to input in the quote Year 1,2,3, etc. price without having to do  these amendments. 

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We recently switched from Recurly to Zuora. Ramped deals happen in software sales all the time. I'm surprised that this isn't already in the product. Any update on when this might be added to the product?

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Status changed to: Coming Soon

This is being considered as part of the Zuora Orders Project which is targeted for release 1H, 2017

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Hi all, 


We have a select few customers now trialing Orders as part of our early adopter program.  This also includes the ability to do Ramp Deals for New Quotes and (soon) Amendment and Renewal Quotes.


We are looking to invite the next wave of early adopters to give us feedback and am hoping some on this thread might be willing.  


There are some caveats to the program so please get in touch with me or post in this thread and I will get in touch with you.  The ideal customer profile is relatively smaller B2B, less customization in Zuora Quotes, no or very little self-serve channel.  I can give more details if people are interested.