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360 Sync syncs records that have been deleted in Zuora

360 Sync syncs records that have been deleted in Zuora

I have discovered that a product I had deleted in Zuora was still being synced to SFDC. This caused a problem, because the product failed a custom validation rule in SFDC ,which caused the Zuora product catalog sync to fail. But the Zuora ID reported in the error file could not be located, either in the Zuora UI or via API. Because the record could not be viewed or edited, it could not be made to pass the custom validation rule in SFDC, and thus the sync error could not be resolved.


There seems to be no documentation of the fact that deleted records remain in Zuora and are synced. At a minimum, this should be documented. 


@bolaurent this is done for referential integrity on quotes that may have referenced the products that have been removed from the system. We encountered the same issue due to some products that had been present during implementation that were ultimately deleted and never used (i.e. duplicates from an import run). If you know for sure that nothing should have ever referenced the products, you can open a case with Zuora support and they can work with engineering to hard delete the products.


As a general best practice, if the SKUs have ever been used you should not delete them but rather mark them as inactive so you can refer to them historically.