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Zuora Product is looking for admins who are interested in a configurable Zuora UI

Zuora Staff

The Configurable UI initiative will empower admins to rearrange the page layout of delivered List & Detail views in the application. Initial scope of capabilities include show/hide & reorder fields, create field groupings, and display related data. The first release will be for Custom Objects, followed shortly after by key pages of the Zuora Billing application. 

As we develop this experience, we are looking for customers to join our Design Partner Program. Being a Design Partner means:

  • Getting early access to the feature in your Sandbox tenants.
  • Collaborating directly with Product & Engineering teams to influence the design and roadmap of this feature.
  • The time commitment will be about 1-2 hours per month during which the Product team will hold recurring meetings to demo the latest features that will be rolled out to Sandbox tenants. Customers can use this time to learn about the features and provide proactive feedback.

If interested, please use this form to apply: https://forms.gle/wQat8cY8jf77ZHMp7. Please be aware that we do have limited spots so an application is not a guarantee. We will contact you by email if selected. If you have any questions, please reach out to Daria Niescierowicz (dniescierowicz@zuora.com). Thank you for your time!