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Zuora Interest Groups for Career and Subscription Economy™ Discussions

Community Manager

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The Zuora Community is here to help make you successful by asking and receiving answers to questions, share your use cases with our product teams to influence the product roadmap, and join user groups to discuss topics with others who share your role or level of expertise.


But what about discussions beyond your day-to-day tasks such as scaling your career as a Zuora expert in your field? Maybe you’re looking for ideas on how to best integrate subscription models into your business and want to hear from others who’ve “been there, done that” so you don’t make the same mistakes?


Perhaps your team is growing, and you need to hire qualified Zuora billing or finance experts? What if you’ve suddenly become your company’s designated Zuora administrator and feel overwhelmed by your new role and responsibilities? 


Where can you go for those types of discussions to find others who understand Zuora and be there to support and guide you in your journey?


I’m excited to announce Community Zuora Interest Groups (ZIGs).  These are groups that provide a space where you can connect with others to discuss “Zuora beyond Zuora”:

  • Job Board: a group for companies to post positions requiring Zuora expertise
  • Career Exchange: a group where you can discuss how to advance in your position to ask others for job leads, resume reviews, training needs/opportunities, etc. This group is private so only group members will see your discussions.
  • Subscription Economy™: a group share ideas on how to incorporate or improve your subscription models within your business

As Zuora users, you belong to a group of professionals with a unique and valuable skill set. I hope that you can join and contribute to one (or all!) of the ZIGs above. And, if you have an idea of other interest groups that you think will help your fellow Zuora users, please let me know.