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Zuora Community Joins Community Heavy Hitters at GoDaddy

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This past week, four members of the Zuora Community team joined other community heavy hitters from GoDaddy, eBay, Google, Microsoft, Autodesk and Lithium at GoDaddy’s Sunnyvale office to “talk shop” about our different communities. Each team covered their community objectives or mission, strategies, success metrics, and challenges that we’ve overcome. We also heard from Lithium who presented updates and fielded questions from the group regarding roadmap opportunities.


We had so many much to share with each other that what should've only been a 2-hour meet-and-greet, turned into a 4-hour exchange!


Here are some of the Zuora Community Team’s memorable takeaways from the community roundtable:


From @marlene

Those in attendance were really surprised of how Zuora - being a startup company - is just as dedicated to using Lithium as Enterprise companies. I loved hearing that perspective!

From @Patrick_O

Product Manager led conversations on community sites seemed like a best practice from a few of the other companies - much like how our PMs are actively engaged in our Ideas forum.


From @Tracy

Everyone struggles with engagement - we are a small company, but that is an advantage for us because we have the ability to evolve quickly, innovate, iterate and potentially share with larger orgs.


For myself, the roundtable discussion reinforced how important it is for the Community team to build genuine relationships with our customers - that’s why I created the Community Advocates group and spaces for Zuora experts like the Developer and Connect User groups.


As your Community Manager, I want to hear about what doesn’t work and what works well so that I can help you find the information you need in the Community, so be sure to drop me a line!


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"Action" photos + our post-session wrap-up professional/silly photos:





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Zuora Alumni

Thanks @Lanafor the great recap! This is such a fun and engaging event. I can't believe how long we ran over schedule. We are all looking forward to the next one. 🙂