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ZEAP: The Zuora Early Adopter Program

Zuora Staff

Since our announcement that the Limited Availability Program Hit the Community in April 2016, we’ve launched over 15 Limited Availability groups, starting with Reporting and, most recently, Orders.


With the popularity of this program as we continually add and enhance Zuora features, we’ve decided to expand the opportunities and structure, relaunching it as the Zuora Early Adopter Program, affectionately known as ZEAP.


What Is ZEAP?


ZEAP creates the opportunity for interested customers to be integrally involved in the design, development and release of new Zuora features. It’s a great fit for Zuora customers who are:

  • Interested in being on the cutting edge of new Zuora features,
  • Able and available to test new features,
  • Eager to provide feedback on Zuora products, and
  • Willing to occasionally serve as a reference.

As a ZEAP participant, you’ll have the chance to weigh in on product designs, try out pre-release features in your test tenants, get access to early production milestones in your production tenants, and provide your valuable feedback to the Zuora product team.


What is ZEAP_


ZEAP members receive communications as opportunities are available, and can self-select participation or nonparticipation for each feature and/or phase. So don’t worry, participation in an early phase for one feature does not imply or require such participation for other features.


What Do ZEAP Members Receive?


ZEAP Benefits


ZEAP is specifically for you, our Zuora customers. We want to create the features that you’ve said you need in Zuora’s products to make your lives easier and more productive.


Interested in Joining ZEAP or Wanting to Learn More?


Just fill out the quick ZEAP application form, or add a comment below or send us an email at zeap@zuora.com with any questions.


ZEAP is for You