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Why Signup for a Subscribed London Mentor Session?

Community Manager

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Very rarely can you get an exclusive 45-minute 1-on-1 mentor session with a Zuora product expert, and we’re providing that resource for FREE at Subscribed London. 


Mentor sessions are a part of the Learners’ Lounge at Subscribed, and have proven to be quite popular.  Unlike the typical conference booth Q&As, these sessions are customized to your needs as we personally pair you with a Zuora expert that can help answer your questions.


Time and again our mentees have said that their mentor match was perfect and they’ve walked away from their session with questions answered. And if their issue needs an even deeper dive, our experts will always follow up with you.


How Do I Sign-up for a Mentor Session? 

Simply fill out this form and we’ll contact you a week before Subscribed London with your session time. While we’ll be accepting on-site signups for mentoring, you’ll get the most out of your experience when you let us know your questions before so that our experts can properly research and be ready at your session.  Reserve your spot today!