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[Webcast] Unlock Growth and Revenue with Zuora Central Sandbox

Zuora Staff

What if we told you that your environment strategy won’t be a bottleneck anymore? 


Check out this on-demand recording to learn how Zuora Central Sandbox enables you that next level of agility to take on initiatives critical to your subscription business. 


In this recording, I am joined by Caleb Saunders, Sr. Customer Success Architect, Dan Ciruli, VP Product Management of Zuora Central Platform, and Zuora customer Emad Issa, Business Process Leader at Absorb Software, to discuss:

  • Agile DevOps as a competitive advantage for greater growth and profit
  • Zuora Central Sandbox overview how it benefits different roles in your organization
  • How an optimized Zuora environment strategy has enabled a Zuora customer to accelerate top-line and bottom-line business initiatives


Check out the recording:



Here are the slides for the session: 



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