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[See updates in red 01/21/20] 

For Customers Facing Large Amount of Chargebacks on Free Trial Subscription Products

As of April 18, 2020, Visa will be updating Dispute Conditions under section 13.5 - Misrepresentation. For reference, see the official Visa notice here. This reminder is designed to help protect Card Holders “by providing clearer information, enabling them to identify, recognize and take on subscription transactions, and reducing the number of transactions that result in disputes.” If you are not facing a large amount of chargebacks on your free trial subscriptions, you are most likely in good standing and will not be heavily impacted by this reminder. 


If you are currently facing issues with a large amount of chargeback or disputes with your free trial subscriptions, Zuora recommends working with your merchant service provider to investigate some mitigation options. Some of Zuora’s functionality may help by enabling merchants to comply with some of Visa’s reminders. This includes the following items:


  • Easy Cancellation
    • Visa does not have explicit requirements as to what they define as an easy cancellation. Zuora recommends cancellations should be clear for the users and self-serviceable. 
  • Electronic Notification of Trial Period [UPDATED 01/21/20]
    • While Zuora does have a notification feature, because free trials are not billable items, we recommend merchants make sure they have adequate electronic notification system setup via their CRM or marketing platforms to notify cardholders prior to the payment. Please be sure to read the Visa flyer for more details.
  • Merchant Name Included in Transaction Description
    • Contact your credit card payment processor to confirm Doing Business (d.b.a) is clear and easily identifiable to your merchants. 
    • Offer soft descriptors through some of our partnered gateways. This can be done in either Payment Gateway Setup or via Payment API


Zuora is committed to helping you win in the Subscription Economy. We’ll continue to work closely with our payment partners and monitor the situation as well introduce features to help mitigate chargebacks.

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