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TheStreet Doubled their credit card collections with Zuora Collect

Zuora Staff

If your business is constantly dealing with credit card transaction errors and involuntary churn then you’re not alone. Before Zuora Collect, TheStreet had a homegrown credit card processing system that had a 40% success rate. Watch the video below to see how Zuora Collect changed that.




Zuora Collect is an add-on product that helps companies optimize collections for their subscription business by allowing them to:

  • Collect More: Maximize chances of collections success by making it as easy for customers to pay with a self-service web portal or multiple payment methods for one subscription.
  • Minimize Churn: Target delinquent churn by giving customers credit card processing success with intelligent retry logic.
  • Reduce Costs: Maximize automation to handle recurring collections with configurable business workflows and a centralized UI with complete data and dunning capabilities.


Contact your Zuora account manager about Zuora Collect to start improving your credit card collections and reducing involuntary churn today.