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Re: Reporting Makes a Breakthrough

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Did you know that several marquee Zuora customers are measuring their businesses in an entirely different way and are using Reporting two times more than they did before?


Reporting is “a Game Changer”

Reporting has been steadily marching along through Limited Availability and just hit a big milestone with over 70 (and counting!) customers who’ve on-boarded and are making the switch from legacy EI to our new reporting capabilities.  


We’ve gotten some amazing customer feedback, from excitement to pure amazement. There’s no doubt that Reporting will help power your Subscription business and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.


Lastly, we’d like to give a round of applause to the awesome work from our development, QA, documentation, TechOps, engineering and product management teams.


Our Limited Availability Program Helps Us Make Zuora Better

Our Limited Availability Program is a great way for us to test our new features with actual customers before it’s released to the public.  Are you a customer who has had a chance to test out the new Reporting?  Share your feedback with us below and, if you’re interested in participating in our program, please comment below with your use case and the feature you need!


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We would love to take advantage of the new reporting features. One pain point we have right now is not being able to filter on custom fields.