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New Zuora Analytics Application & Zuora Billing Enhancements

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We’re incredibly excited to unveil our newest application, Zuora Analytics, and major enhancements to Zuora Billing, accelerating your ability to monetize, orchestrate, and analyze the growth of your subscription business.


Here’s what’s new:


Zuora Analytics 

Did you notice something new in your Zuora navigation bar? That’s right, Zuora BillingWith the launch of Zuora Analytics we're excited to bring you industry leading subscription metrics, verified by the Subscribed Institute.


Join the Customer Webcast on Tuesday, September 15 with Kevin Suer, Senior Product Manager, to learn how to:

  • Access dozens of essential subscription metrics including Net MRR, Net Retention Rate, Subscriber Churn, and many more right out-of-the-box 
  • Explore insights and trend analyses on a configurable, self-service dashboard
  • Easily build and customize datasets, slice and dice data, and convert it into a single currency view

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Usage Monetization

Did you know that companies leveraging a combination of recurring and usage pricing grew 30% faster than those who don’t have usage pricing? Our Subscribed Institute has been benchmarking the most successful subscription business growth patterns over the last decade and that’s why we’re excited to chat with you about all of our newest usage charge models!


Join the Customer Webcast on Wednesday, September 16 with Lukasz Weber, Director of Product Management, and learn how to:

  • Charge for usage based on any attribute with an Excel-like formula with Multi-Attribute Pricing
  • Detect and charge by peak consumption within any given period with High Water Mark Pricing
  • Create a consistent invoicing experience for services that are priced and rated externally with Pre-Rated Pricing

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Order Orchestration

Do you want to learn how best in class subscription companies lock in more revenue upfront? The answer is simple: ramp deals. But the solution surprisingly isn’t so simple for the rest of the market. We’re excited to unveil Zuora’s brand new Quote to Revenue Ramp deal functionality that not only allows you to book more revenue upfront, but also manage all the complexities that follow from order to revenue.


Join the Customer Webcast on Thursday, September 17 with Swetha Beepyata, Director of Product Management, and learn how to:

  • Lock in future growth for your business with multi-period deals
  • Increase revenue transparency with metrics that measure the impact of every period
  • And get a very special behind the scenes look at how customers are finding orders adoption easier than ever before

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Get Hands On with the New Features

Join our team of experts for hands-on workshops on all new features in Zuora. 


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