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Community Manager

You have a question about our add-on solutions (e.g., Collect, Workflow, Marketplace apps). The problem is that you have had to scroll through a TON of groups assigned to specific apps before finding the one you’re looking for; a massive pain right?


I’m pleased to announce that, instead of having several different product discussion areas, we’ll be streamlining conversations into 4 areas to make it easier for you to ask your questions and give feedback to the right team.  What was formerly known as the “Zuora Connect” space, will now be 4 discussion forums: Collect, Workflow, Commerce, and Marketplace.


Here is the breakdown of the new areas as of April 2019:

  • Collect
    • Configurable Payment Retry
    • Statement Generator
    • Collections Window
    • Advanced Payment Manager
    • Configurable Lockbox
  • Workflow
    • While Workflow is also a feature available as part of Collect, we’ll have a dedicated area for all Workflow-related discussions (e.g. technical use cases such as custom code execution)
  • Commerce
    • Promo Codes
    • Subscriber Portal
  • Marketplace
    • Developer Tools
    • Enhanced Invoice Numbering
    • Flexera Connector
    • Insights Connector
    • Prepaid Drawdown
    • Configurable Summary Level GL Interface
    • Tax
    • Zuora Connector for NetSuite UI
    • Appstore Connector

We hope this new structure will make it easier for you to engage with other users as well as the product teams.  Meet the teams in person at Subscribed San Francisco. Register here. Already registered?  Stay updated on all things Subscribed in our event group.