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Introducing the Zuora Administrator Community Group

Community Manager

Zuora Admin Community.png


As a Zuora administrator, you are tasked with configuring and managing settings for Zuora Platform, Billing, Payments, and Finance. These tasks include, but are not limited to, creating new user roles, setting security policies, adding new revenue recognition codes, setting up notifications, setting up hosted payment pages, and managing revenue recognition rules.


If you are the only Zuora administrator in your company, being a team of one can be challenging since you don’t have anyone else to toss ideas around with. For that reason, I’m pleased to announce the new Zuora Admin Community group where you can connect with other Zuora Admins to ask questions, share best practices and share your experiences. Whether you’re a newly minted admin or Zuora certified, this is the Community space just for you!


Interested in other role-based groups? Share your group suggestions below!