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At Subscribed San Francisco, we introduced Zuora Labs, an area for developers to get an early look at the latest Zuora platform features.


With Zuora Labs, developers can extend the current Zuora data model using the Custom Objects UI and API.  Developers can create their own Workflows to call external APIs, use Events to capture customer and system changes, and Notifications to trigger emails or callouts. Other early features only for Zuora Labs is Data Query to perform real-time queries using SQL and Settings API to manage tenant settings.


Is your interest piqued?  Sign up at labs.zuora.com to provision your account. Access to Zuora labs has an expiration date so you can play around with our latest features.  Keep in mind that everything that is set up in labs, stays there; it cannot be transferred to your sandbox.


Learn more about all that’s possible with Zuora Labs in our Summer 2019 Product Launch webinar on July 18th at 10:00AM PST. Sign up here 


Zuora Labs in the Community

Get updates, share your feedback and post questions in the Zuora Labs Community Group.