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Re: How to Leverage Zuora Revenue (RevPro) Reporting to Make Strategic Decisions – Webcast Takeaways

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As companies adjust to COVID-19, revenue is a lagging indicator of the impact on your business. It’s now as important as ever to report on these impacts accurately so that you can leverage this data to make strategic financial decisions.


For customers using Zuora Revenue (formerly known as RevPro), there is an array of data and reports available to help you understand and analyze the data. In this session, we’ll show you how to use this information.


Over 40 customer attendees joined experts from our customer success, global implementation, and Subscribed Institute strategy teams to demo best practices, answer questions, and facilitate peer-to-peer discussions.  Attendees got the opportunity to:


  • Learn how other companies are using Zuora Revenue (RevPro) to report on revenue and make strategic business decisions
  • Hear from Zuora Revenue experts on financial operations and revenue accounting practices
  • Learn how to immediately take advantage of this capability in Zuora Revenue (RevPro)


We started with a 30-minute general session presentation on the subject, and then broke out into smaller "rooms" for further discussion and Q&A.


Here you'll find:


  • The slides that were presented in the general session
  • The recording of the general session
  • A written Q&A doc on the topic, summarizing questions that were asked and answered during and following the session (in comment below)


Thank you to those who took part, and we hope this was a useful topic and format for you.  Please let us know any feedback.


Stay safe and well!



Presentation Slides



Recording Video


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Zuora Support Moderator

How to Leverage Zuora Revenue (RevPro) Reporting to Make Strategic Decisions - Q&A


Q: What comes OOTB with the Zuora Revenue Product for Analytics?

A: Revenue powered by RevPro has 50 standard and operational reports that can be personalized by each user to create different views.  Revenue Waterfall, Revenue Contract Roll-Forward are examples of the most commonly used report for month end close processes. Contract modification reporting is another good example - if there are any amendments that cause changes to revenue - there are a lot of different reports that enable you to see the implications of these changes proactively.


Q: Where is the best place to start with reporting if you are new to Zuora Revenue?

A: Zuora Knowledge center has a full list of reports and descriptions. Identify key reports that you want to use to reconcile data and close the revenue accounting period. Learn to navigate the layouts and create views for stakeholders.



Q: Where can I get more training on Zuora Revenue functionality and reports?

A: Zuora University https://university.zuora.com/

You can find self paced courses and tailored training options.