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How Subscription Companies Are Reacting to COVID-19

And What You Can Do For Your Customers


This is a stressful time, that’s for sure. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we’re seeing trends in how subscription companies are reacting and adapting for their customers. What we’ve observed so far is both uplifting and promising that the wider subscription community can learn from one another in this situation.


To bring the Subscribed community together, we’re hosting three topic-specific webcasts and open office hours in early April for Zuora customers. Join us to learn from our subscription experts and connect with other companies that are figuring out how to react to COVID-19.


To fit busy schedules, we’ll be holding each topic twice, so choose the time that works best for you!


If you’re seeing ...


  1. The request to suspend subscriptions
    In-person memberships, such as fitness classes, and various other subscriptions have seen a spike in customer requests to pause their subscriptions. While the freedom to pause a subscription is certainly a benefit for the customer, it can also help companies greatly reduce potential churns. Learn how other companies use Zuora to pause billing for customers during this time, and resume those subscriptions at a later date.

    How To Suspend Or Pause Subscriptions, But Keep Customers

    Sign-up for Session 1: 8:30AM – 10:00AM PDT
    Sign-up for Session 2: 2:00PM – 3:30PM PDT

  2. The need to refund or credit a large number of customers
    A number of subscription companies have seen a spike of subscribers who cannot pay on time, which results in the need for large volumes of adjustments, credits, and refunds. It becomes challenging for finance departments to keep up with these requests, since each transaction has to be carried out manually. Learn how companies use Zuora to bulk update these transactions to create refunds, credits, and adjustments for a large number of customers at once. .

    How To Issue Bulk Credits And Adjustments For Subscribers Who Can't Pay

    Sign-up for Session 1: 8:30AM – 10:00AM PDT
    Sign-up for Session 2: 2:00PM – 3:30PM PDT

  3. The goodwill (and opportunity) to offer a different pricing plan
    With millions of people staying at home, the demand for web conferencing tools, at-home education, internet packages, workouts apps, and online entertainment is high. To help customers through this transition, you have the opportunity to offer a new subscription offering or tweak your pricing strategy. Learn how other companies are using Zuora to quickly change pricing en masse.

    How to Do Pricing Changes en Masse

    Sign-up for Session 1: 8:30AM – 10:00AM PDT
    Sign-up for Session 2: 2:00PM – 3:30PM PDT


Stay Connected After Our Office Hours

Keep learning from and connecting with others after the event through the Community Chapters. If you’re looking for real-time, interactive discussions with other Zuora users, Community Chapters might be up your alley.  These user groups are customer led and are currently being held virtually on topics that mean the most to you.

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  I am seeing error while trying to signup for the above events. Can you please help ?

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Hi @ysireesha,


What error are you getting? It should send you to a Zoom registration page. Can you send me a screenshot as to what you're experiencing as well as your browser?  You might need to register on a laptop vs. mobile device.


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Will these sessions be recorded?



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@chasewg - yes! the sessions will be recorded!

Due to the popularity, we've added additional sessions as well. Hope you're able to make one.