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Feeling Stuck? Get Free Zuora Support at Subscribed

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All of you know me here as the Zuora Community Manager where, day in and day out, I see Zuora customers post their questions as well as help others online and I try to do my best to ensure that everyone gets an answer. But at Subscribed, I’m the force behind the Learners’ Lounge - staffing, programming, etc. - to ensure that all attendees get the help they need.


Translating that effort to the Learners’ Lounge, it’s my mission to ensure that the area is staffed with Zuora’s best and brightest throughout the conference, and year after year, customers have said that the Lounge is the best part of Subscribed.


Here are 3 ways to get free, real-time support in the Learners' Lounge:



1. Learning Bars (Both Days - June 4th and 5th)

Walk up to various Learning Bars with your questions. Even if you don’t know what to ask, I’ll be there to direct you to the right team to help you out. Feel free to float around from table to table to get all of your Zuora questions answered!


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2. Mentor Sessions (Both Days - June 4th and 5th)

The Lounge’s pièce de résistance. This program is literally free Zuora consulting from our top-notch experts (I’m personally responsible for the pairing).

We will have on-site signups, but to ensure you have the right person, please sign up in advance (Signup Deadline: May 27, 2019).


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3. Unconference (Day 2 - June 5th starting at 3:00PM)

Peer-led discussions at the Unconference on Day 2 where Zuora customers can talk to each other about topics that matter to them before and during the conference. I’ll have a board up by the Learners’ Lounge where attendees can post their questions - we’ll have some commonly asked questions as well - and vote on what they’d like discussed at the Unconference.


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We’re at Subscribed San Francisco to Help You

After attending 10 Subscribed events around the world, you can be sure that I’ve got the Learners’ Lounge topics fully covered. If there’s anything that we missed in the past, definitely let me know below or at Subscribed.


If you haven’t yet registered for Subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? And, if you’re already registered, meet your fellow attendees in the Subscribed SF Event Group. I’ll post info about the agenda builder as soon as I hear about it.


See you at Subscribed on June 4-5th at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco!